It is a matter of great pleasure to learn that Poornima Group of Colleges is launching official Website exclusively dedicated for Poornima Alumni. Such website would be a good platform for sharing and dissemination of information on different activities at PGC, its academic programs, its successes and achievements; as well as information about activities, careers and achievements of our Alumni from all parts of India and many countries of the world.

I congratulate our talented Website Team working under overall supervision of Shri Rahul Singhi for making it possible to start this unique website in such a short time. I hope that our Alumni as well as our faculty and students will actively use this site for various purposes, and also provide useful feedback and suggestions for further improvements.

My Best Wishes to one and all for providing the website for a pleasant, informative and enjoyable browsing experience.



Mr. Shashikant Singhi

Chairperson, Poornima University and Chairman, PF