Warm greetings from the office of Poornima Alumni Association (PAA) as we see positive trends in the revival of the bond with alumnus.

Although scattered widely, you are all part of a remarkable network of performing Poornimaiets. Poornima brand ranking, image and popularity has been growing steadily over years under the leadership of Dr. S.M. Seth and his team (That too without Advertising). Moreover our talented and enterprising Alumnus in the industry by virtue of good work and success is further strengthening the belief that Poornima is a great institution and Poornima students are in demand in industry.

Through this communication, I would urge you to register yourself and ask your fellow alumni friends to enroll. The aim is to connect all of us together for mutual benefits and to become a very strong community to reckon with.

This portal will allow us all to come together in one large, modern and sophisticated virtual home, appropriate for an institution with our ambitions. We expect this portal to evolve and mature over time, however we envisage this new home of which all of us can be truly proud of.

Best Wishes,



Mrs. Renu Singhi

Advisor, Poornima Alumni Association